Spokes Marketing appreciates all of the business that our customers have provided to us over the years. As our business grows, we realize that the best customers come from our current customers and friends referring new customers to us. We very much appreciate and want your referrals. And we’re putting our money where our request is . . . We are announcing today The Spokes Marketing Charity Referral Program.

Why are we doing this? Because we know that many of you are as passionate about things we care about in our community as you are your business. So we are going to provide a donation on your behalf to one of our favorite charities that you can select from (and even request additional ones to be added). They include The Maryland Food Bank, The American Red Cross, The SPCA and several other charities that have yet to allow us to use their names. But they are in the realm of the environment, children’s family support and Homelessness prevention and support.

Please join us in supporting these worthwhile causes by referring people you know who might need help with marketing strategy and implementation, website development, online marketing, social media, and any other projects related to marketing. We look forward to receiving your referrals.  Please refer someone today. You may call us at 410-878-2596 or e-mail jspokes@spokesagency.com.

Thank you for your support!

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